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R3ality Design offers design and manufacturing solutions for 3D printing requirements



R3ality Design ReSearch offers design and manufacturing solutions for experimental set-ups, which often require specific customised objects. 



Why throw something away if only a single part is damaged. R3ality Design offers low cost design and manufactured of your required replacement parts.



3D Printing enables new design and manufacturing approaches. R3ality Design hopes to contribute to the next era of timeless masterpieces – we have some exciting interior design items coming your way soon.

Design Solutions

Turn your design ideas into reality – the power of creation is no longer limited to large scale production


An experimental set up, a replacement part or a design object. Anything from a rough idea or sketch, all the way to a finished 3D model – R3ality Design can assist you along every step of the way, to create the product concept which suits your needs.


Unlike traditional manufacturing routes, 3D printing allows quick and easy alterations to designs and prototypes. With optimisation in mind, R3ality Design offers continuous support any alterations your product design requires. 


With our print parameter knowledge, as well as our expertise in CAD model creation, we achieve high  manufacturing quality and customer satisfaction.


Through our streamlined design-solutions and low-cost manufacturing process, we offer immense cost advangages compared to classic manufacturers.


Manufacturing Solutions

R3ality Design uses top of the line 3D printers and materials to deliver the highest print quality at the lowest cost.


Using an original Prusa i3 MK3/S, we are able to manufacture parts with a very high print-quality. Multi-colour prints are also available.


We have experience printing with all the most common materials (PLA, ABS, PETG) as well as an assortment of speciality materials (e.g. Metall-Fill).



Custom designs for your experimental needs


Why throw away an entire item because of one broken part – we will print the repair parts


Coming soon – exciting designs only possible through additive manufacturing

Our Team

Keno Beck

Dipl. Ing . engineer with a specialisation in additive manufacturing

Tiago Beck

BSc. specialising in scientific reseach and experiment design

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